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Deadline to register is August 29th

What does the Project include:


You will learn, detail by detail, the World Champion choreography. Technique, mixed with flavor, strength and elegance.


You will receive 30 seconds of choreography each month, videos with counts and music, so you can learn every detail of the routine to perfection.


You will receive one exercise explanation on a focused technique per month. Improve your dancing and ability to execute the choreography.


You will be able to share your videos with me and my Irôko Ladies to receive individual feedback.


At the end of each month we will have a Zoom rehearsal for live instruction. This is the time to ask all of your questions!


Be part of the Iroko Ladies live rehearsal through Zoom. Two or three Mondays a month you can rehearse live with all of them.


You will have access to our private Facebook community where you can share your progress and learn with women from all over the world.

More benefits!

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You will have the opportunity to perform "En la calle" with other girls in your city or with Denisse and Irôko Ladies.
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When your group is ready to perform, we will guide the costume process and ensure the best price
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Get free access to any and all ladies workshops with Denisse!

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Enjoy stretching routines from home with 50% off Belen's conditioning program.

Have you been dreaming of performing this routine?

Joining the project alone you will learn the entire routine. With 2 or more girls from your city you can train to perform. You will have a private Facebook group and an extra rehearsal via Zoom led by Iroko Ladies. 

We have a list of congresses where you will have the chance of performing in stage with the Iroko ladies! 
This is your chance!

Sign up today:

Deadline is August 29, 2022.

$115 USD
monthly, per person.
Learn "En la calle"
Get technique classes
Monthly feedback
Weekly zoom rehearsal 
Access to the private facebook community
Perfom the routine when you are ready
Free workshops and special discounts

Some testimonials

Denisse, in addition to being a world renowned salsa dancer, is also an incredible instructor. I have taken many of her classes online since the pandemic started. She is able to convey a wealth of technique and plenty of advice to students in a very clear way, often adding humor which helps all of that stick in the students' minds. Even though classes are primarily held in Tampa, she checks her girls periodically on zoom to ensure that everyone is getting feedback. She's definitely helped me improve my dancing!
Bianca Santos / Cebu
Working with Denisse over the last year has been one of the best experiences in my dance journey thus far. Her ability to break down the smallest details so that it was easy to understand from afar, is just one of her many skills. Couple her attention to detail with her incredible precision, agility, flavor- and you have any dancers dream in an instructor.  I have grown tremendously in the last year and hope to continue evolving as a dancer and person with her guidance and trust. I highly recommend that anyone who has ever reached a point in their dancing of complacency train with her and her Iroko Ladies. They will push you, correct you, work hard for you, and you will be better than you were before.
Priscilla Barney / San Diego
This was an amazing opportunity because I wanted to be part of an amazing group/family and having access to learn from Denisse and all of the Iroko ladies was something I could never imagine (since I don’t live nearby). I improve my technique and really elevate my dancing in a way I haven’t been able to achieve elsewhere. I have the FLEXIBILITY to perform when my life commitments allow, or just train when it works better for my life.
I love the vibe! I always feel motivated and empowered as a team project member. Such a positive atmosphere with true leadership. I don’t feel beat down or put down ever. Thank you!!!

Jennifer Webb / Massachusetts
I love the feeling of being part of a worldwide team. I love the commitment and accountability. I love having deadlines and goals so it suits me perfectly. I love that you have to work hard!!! I love that it truly feels like Denisse is talking to me on her videos. I love it!! My dancing and confidence has improved so much. By having to work this hard has meant you notice a difference. 

Robin Moree / New Zealand
I love to opportunity to train with Denisse on a level that I not accessible in my country.
And it feels a little bit like you’re part of Irôko..The company feels closer by seeing the girls In zoom rehearsals or getting feedback from them.. It all feels like meeting your heroes, people you admire, so to speak :)
The instructional videos are easy to follow and comprehensible. I especially like the Zoom rehearsals. 
Thank you alllllll…. This is the BEST decision I made this year. Can’t wait to get better to keep training. 
Maunielle House
So, you’ve decided you want to grow as a dancer and now you’re wondering if you should do it with Denisse and her Iroko Ladies. You should!!
There is never a dull moment in her classes. Each second is purposeful, whether it is set aside for focusing on the details that will make your basic dynamic or the techniques that will stabilize your spins and allow you to push for more. 
I have been blessed to learn from her and receive specific feedback that is transforming the way I dance. I hope this encourages you to pursue that same kind of growth under her guidance too.
Dana Beriswill / Tampa


The project is a 4-month commitment with the option to renew monthly
after it ends to continue training and performing

What does this look like:

Here is an example of the 1st month
  • Basic fundamental

  • Video of explanation

  • Actual drill

  • Choreography

  • Counts front and back

  • Music front and back

  • Explanation video

  • How to practice

  • Instructions on how to practice each piece/ month.

Denisse Cambria
Born in Miami with an Argentinean heritage, Denisse is one of the most well-known and recognized professional salsa dancers in Florida. She has taught and performed alongside many top dance companies including Shaka Brown, Jayson Molina, Al “Liquidsilver”, Casa Salsa Dance Studio, Salsa Lovers Dance Studio, Project Generation, Energy One, Salsa Heatwave and Salsa Mia.
Denisse competed at the ESPN World Salsa Championships with her partner Alfredo DiNatale. She also trained in and taught ballroom dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Studio for 4 years, performing and teaching throughout the US and around the world. She competed professionally with her American Rhythm partner, Luis Lopez, making finals in Rising Star Pro and Open Rhythm Pro competitions.
She moved to Milan, Italy to train with Euphoria Dance Company and then moved to New York in 2014 to dance for Yamulee Dance Company under the direction of Osmar Perrones. She also competed with 4x World Champions, The New York Movement.
After a total of 10 years of dancing salsa, she continues to enrich her craft with her partner Ernesto Bulnes, also a former dancer of Yamulee Dance Company. They are currently 3x World Champions as a couple, and 3x World Champions with their own dance company, Iroko. Denisse led Iroko Ladies to their first Championship this year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who is this for?

    For any student, teacher, social dancer or performer starting at about an Intermediate level who is interested in taking their dancing to the next level. This project is for girls that want to learn the way I like to train, my technique and choreography. I will really go into all the technique I cover with my pro team, along with executing each part with emotions and personality. This also for girls that want to train hard with the goal to perform with Iroko Ladies and myself or a goal to just be a better dancer. You do not have to perform to be in this project but you do have to train hard if you want to get results.
    This project will also be for girls interesting in knowing how I train for competition and become champions!
  • Can I just join for 1 month to try it out?

    You would have to do a minimum of 4 months because it’s the least amount you can do in which you can learn the full choreography. Then it’s up to you to continue. That is the minimum contract. Is the performance guaranteed? No, it is not guaranteed you will perform but it all depends on how hard you work, and execute everything that is taught. I am very picky about who gets to perform because we need to be perfect lol I mean, there’s no such thing, but if you know me, you know I love to say that. Lol
  • When will the zoom rehearsals be?

    I will first see where all my ladies are from to find the best time to accommodate almost all of you. If I have to do 2 different rehearsals, I will. These rehearsals will be set up at least two weeks in advance. If you cannot join the zoom rehearsal, you will still get the recording of the rehearsal.
  • Who will direct the team of girls in my city?

    I will monitor that myself. I will send the formations, and instructions. I will choose one girl in charge just to organize the rehearsals, but I will be giving the OK and instructions to make this show happen. Also, there are ways to organize extra training if necessary. If you are a director, please reach out to me personally so I can explain better and see how to make this work.
  • Does the price remain the same even if it’s many of us in the same city?

    Yes, because I will watch and evaluate everyone individually, and give the separate feedbacks. But since you will have your separate group for your city, you can still practice together and send videos individually and/or as a group since you will also have "your city Facebook group" with me.
  • For how long will this season go?

    Well as long as we continue to train and perform En La Calle, we will continue monthly. The next routine will be "Attention," which is the routine that we "Iroko Ladies in Tampa" will be working on and performing. So, in August (month 6), Season 2 will start with "Attention." This is basically an ongoing training. It is up to you to continue, especially after seeing how season 1 goes. From month 6 on, you will continue to rehearse "En La Calle" for training and preparation of future performances, along with the new routine "Attention."
  • Do I have to perform with the girls in my city, if there is a group of girls representing my city?

    No, if I feel that you are ready to perform, you can plan to perform with me at any of the events mentioned above.
  • What if I do not want to perform?

    Then this project is also right for you because you don’t need to perform. I feel that I have so much to share, and it’s not fair to not share it with people that are not interested in performing, because these tips can really push you and improve your skills. Especially, when it’s an extensive training program and not just a bootcamp of just a couple of days.

    Side note: This routine started as a one month online bootcamp, and I had to keep extending it!! In 1 month I was only able to really teach the material, but never had enough time to cover everything I thought was necessary to execute this piece. SO NOW I AM EXCITED!!! Hahaha
  • What should I expect from this project?

    Every first of the month you will receive instructions on how to train, material you need to work on, and technique you need to master for the month (which you will also get feedback for).
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